Wood Sculpture & Art For The Garden

Wood Sculpture & Garden Art

Hand-crafted by Treegarden using locally-sourced, organic materials, a piece of wood sculpture or garden art will offer your outdoor space improved ambiance and visual interest all year round.

If you have a tree removed, you can arrange for the trunk to be left and we will carve you a beautiful sculpture to your taste. We can even transform rooted stumps into objects of your choosing – much more attractive than leaving a big hole in the ground!

Alternatively, commission us to produce a completely bespoke piece of wood sculpture or garden art from our own materials, to go anywhere in your garden. Since any size or design can be achieved, the project is limited only by imagination!

If wood sculpture and garden art aren’t your thing, we also craft more practical garden items. Our bespoke rustic garden furniture, for example, has proven popular with our clients; we’ve been commissioned to make everything from pub-style benches to beautiful coffee tables carved from the cross-sections of tree trunks.

Or perhaps you require a much larger object for your garden? Treegarden can combine rustic woodcrafting skill with extensive engineering know-how to create tree houses, outdoor saunas, garden sheds, ponds with bridges, and virtually any other type of outdoor structure you can imagine! Timber decking and garden fencing are among our most popular gardening services.

Wood sculpture and garden art by Treegarden: Inspired by the natural environment, created for your natural environment.

Learn to craft with wood at Woodcraft Workshops

Treegarden founder and Master Craftsman Chris Hore now runs wood crafting workshops at Stanmer Organics, a natural craft and sustainability project based in Stanmer Park, Brighton. Each woodcraft workshop focuses on making one particular object, ranging from didgeridoos, flutes and other musical instruments, to practical objects like goblets, spoons and beehives, and even fun projects like wooden puppet-making… a workshop designed designed especially for children but often attended mostly by adults!

Gallery of wood sculpture & garden art

The below gallery contains just a small sample of the type of wood sculpture and garden art we’ve created in the past. From abstract forms which can turn a garden into a mini sculpture park, to rustic furniture with a practical use for your patio or sun room, we’ve even created a variety of woodland animals and magical creatures for school grounds and community projects!