Treegarden, the Brighton gardening service

Treegarden founder Chris Hore
Treegarden founder Chris Hore

Treegarden is a Brighton-based gardening and tree surgery service for residential, council and business properties alike. Established in 2008 by skilled gardener and fully-qualified tree surgeon Chris Hore, Treegarden represents the culmination of over twenty years’ experience of working within the natural environment.

In order to provide a more affordable service, Chris chooses to work alone where possible. However, additional staff are sometimes required in order to meet deadlines and/or safety regulations. In such cases, clients can rest assured that the only staff brought in to assist will be those with the appropriate qualifications, knowledge and experience required to complete the work to the highest possible standard.

A history of Treegarden

Having gained several years’ experience with a family-run tree surgery company in Oxfordshire, Chris Hore re-located to Brighton and began working with a commercial gardening company which provided services to council and business-owned sites, such as universities, industrial parks and residential grounds.

To gain more experience he then moved on to another company which provided similar services, but also allowed Chris to work with private clients. After ten years’ work involving all aspects of landscaping, tree care and gardening services, Treegarden was created.

Due to particular job specific needs, special training and certification is required to meet health and safety and insurance regulations. During these periods of work, training and qualifications where achieved through self-motivated efforts or with employers’ encouragement and support.

Treegarden Qualifications

Treegarden NPTC certification All staff employed by Treegarden have achieved City & Guilds NPTC Certification in Forestry and Arboriculture.

Health & Safety

Safety is of the utmost importance during operations undertaken by Treegarden and its staff. Using government guidelines and industry-approved standards of safe working practice, a number of key forms (links below) are used regularly to record information specific to each new work site. These will take into account location, hazards that pose a risk to both staff and public, risk to property, equipment used (including maintenance), and even current weather conditions. Regular daily, weekly and monthly checks are carried out and recorded to ensure all equipment is in good working order and safe to use.

Here are a few samples of the types of forms we are required to complete before undertaking hazardous work:


Due to the potentially hazardous nature of the work we carry out, Treegarden are fully insured against damage and injury. In order to qualify for insurance, it is a legal requirement that staff have received the correct job-specific training and achieved all relevant certification.

The Treegarden Ethos

Respect For Nature – With a strong connection to the natural environment in which Chris works, Treegarden’s methods and working practices are always considerate and sympathetic towards all living things. We always clear up after ourselves and recycle all green waste at the nearest recycling center.

Safety At Work – Treegarden use government guidelines and industry-approved standards of safe working practice at all times. Please see the Health and Safety section above for more information regarding the steps we take to ensure safety for all.

Development – Ongoing development and knowledge growth has and always will be a strong ethos for all those involved with Treegarden.

Woodcraft Workshops

In his spare time, Chris also runs a small sculpture and woodcraft studio based in Stanmer Park, within the remit of Brighton’s popular eco-project, Stanmer Organics.

Using natural materials sourced from the tree work he carries out, or from local green-waste recycling centres and saw mills, Chris creates bespoke wood sculptures by commission. He also organises a range of popular workshops in which the participants learn to sculpt from wood, or craft objects such as digeridoos, flutes, walking sticks and beehives, using a range of traditional tools and techniques. The classes take place at Chris’ woodland workshop, so participants spend the day in the beautiful environment of Stanmer Park for the full rustic experience.

Please visit the Woodcraft Workshops website to find out more!