Tree Surgery Services in Brighton, Sussex

Tree surgery services in Brighton

Treegarden have been providing a comprehensive range of tree surgery services in Brighton and Sussex for over twenty years. With decades of experience in the field, Treegarden founder Chris Hore and his colleagues have the tools, knowledge and experience to work with trees of any size, age or species. Furthermore, all Treegarden staff are fully qualified and trained to work within national health and safety guidelines.

The tree surgery services we most commonly provide are as follows:

Tree felling – The complete removal of trees, cut down at ground level
Stump removal – The use of a stump grinder to grind down and remove the stump
Dismantling – The removal of a tree in sections using lowering equipment. This method is usually necessary to protect structures below the tree
Crown reduction – The use of pruning methods to reduce the size of the tree canopy
Crown lifting – The removal of lower branches to provide more space to pass underneath
Crown thinning – The selective removal of branches to allow more light through the tree
Dead wooding – The removal of dead or decayed wood, often laying or hanging in the tree
Fruit tree pruning – Undertaken to increase the yield of fruit from the tree

Quoting for tree surgery services

Tree surgery services cannot be priced accurately until a site visit has been carried out, to inspect both the tree itself and the surrounding property. All trees are different in size, species and age, and the location, accessibility and surroundings will need to be taken into account when costing proposed work. The main things to be considered are:

  • The species of the tree
  • The total height of the tree
  • Overhanging or entanglement of electrical structures or telephone lines
  • Ease of access to the tree
  • Necessary safety precautions
  • The presence of footpaths, roads, greenhouses or ponds beneath the tree
  • Waste removal – large amounts in most cases
  • Stump removal

Which tree surgery services to use and when

During the spring, tree sap is rising allowing the leaves to grow out. Through the Autumn, trees draw back nutrients into the trunk and roots from the leaves, so most trees can be pruned outside of this time.

Prunus (cherry trees and plum trees) need pruning after they have produced flowers. This reduces risk of infection. Walnut, Beech, Birch and Maple trees can have work done whilst in leaf or after leaf fall.

Magnolia is best pruned during high summer.

Danger of falling trees

Another instance in which tree surgery services should be considered, is if you have a tree in your garden which is either leaning heavily to one side, or which appears especially top-heavy. Such trees are at risk of uprooting and toppling, especially when subjected to strong winds or other lateral forces. If a tree is close to the owner’s house, or that of a neighbour, it presents a serious risk of damage to human health or property.

In the time we’ve been providing tree surgery services in Brighton, we’ve seen and heard examples of trees falling onto houses, causing tens of thousands of pounds worth of damage to roofs, chimney and windows, and even structural elements such as walls and footings. In some cases, people have been harmed by glass from broken windows.

If you have a tree in your garden which is leaning or top-heavy, it would be wise to contact a local tree surgery service to take a look at it. Very often the initial inspection will be free of charge, and does not necessarily result in complete removal of the tree. Canopy thinnings and other less radical tree surgery methods will often be enough to secure the safety of the tree.

Likewise, if you see a tree in a neighbouring garden which looks as though it may pose a risk to either health or property, it may be wise to recommend that the owner of the tree seek an inspection from a local tree surgery service.

For Brighton tree surgery services, contact Treegarden

Treegarden have been providing tree surgery services in the Brighton area since 2008. If you are in need of a Brighton-based tree surgeon, please contact us and we will send a fully-qualified tree surgeon to give a complimentary, no-obligation inspection of your trees.

Ecological matters are of the utmost importance to us, and we would never consider removing or destroying a healthy tree against the wishes of the owner, so long as there remains another option. If you would like to know more about Treegarden, please see our About Us page.

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