Garden Pond & Bridge Walkway In Brighton

The finished garden pond and wooden bridge walkway

Garden pond and bridge walkway in Brighton: project brief

Having recently completed a garden sauna room project in Woodingdean, the same clients requested further work. They asked for a garden pond, doubling as a plunge pool for cooling down after a sauna. They also requested a wooden bridge walkway to the sauna room entrance. This walkway would snake between the new pond and an existing smaller pond adjacent to it.

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Digging the new pond

We dug the cutting for the new garden pond in an oval-shape, using an excavator. The cutting was one meter deep at one end, rising to half a meter deep at the other. We then excavated a trench, about one meter from the pool cutting. This trench was used to house a sturdy container for the water pumping and filtration equipment. We then laid the pipework to connect the pump and filtration equipment to the new garden pond.

To form the floor of the pond, we poured cement into the excavated hole. After adequate drying time, the cement set to form a four inch-thick concrete base. We brick-lined and cement-rendered it, then sealed it with a coat of bright, aqua-coloured pond sealer paint. Stone paving around the edges finished the plunge pool off nicely.

Connecting the new garden pond to the existing shallow pond

Connecting the new garden pond to the existing pond required some planning. The existing pond is lined with waterproof rubber liner, whilst the new pond is brick and cement. To solve this, we cut a U-shaped run-off channel between the two ponds. We lined it with brick, then rendered it with cement. Over this, we stretched the rubber liner from the existing pond. On top of the rubber pond liner, we applied another layer of wet cement. In this way, we sandwiched the original pond liner between two layers of wet cement.

With the two garden ponds now connected and fully sealed, we now needed to build a walkway between them.

Creating a wooden walkway between the garden ponds

We designed a flat wooden walkway to provide safe and dry access to the sauna room. The walkway would weave between the two ponds, passing over the run-off channel and arriving at the sauna room door.

It needed to be wooden, but long-lasting and water resistant. To board the walkway, we used off-cuts of oak from the excellent local sawmill, Willows Sawmill in Uckfield. The oak boards had all been milled, so their sides were perfectly flat.

The bridge walkway is designed to follow a stretched-out ‘S’ shape. Each oak board is angled to allow the walkway to meander left and right. Finally, we sanded and oiled the wooden walkway to protect it from the elements.

To bring the entire landscaping project together, one last job was required… we needed to lay a new lawn for the clients. Once this was done, the garden was looking as intended and the sauna room was beginning to bed into its surroundings nicely.

And that completes another successful landscape gardening job by Treegarden… now check out the pictures!

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