We build Treehouses for children and adults

Building treehouses in Brighton

Maybe your child has seen treehouses in films or books and is demanding that you start right away? Or perhaps you wish to satisfy your own childhood desire to design and build a treehouse!

Treehouses for children

Treehouses can provide endless adventure and hours of and imaginative play for children. They encourage children to spend more time playing outdoors, taking them away from screens and electronic devices and creating memories that last forever. Visiting someone else’s treehouse is an experience that tends to stay with people. They can also provide an escape from the norm, a hideaway, or a safe place to be alone.

As well as traditional dens and platforms, additional features can be added to children’s treehouses which provide further scope for outdoor fun; swings, slides, rope ladders, bridges and service trays with pulleys are all popular additions.

Treehouses tend to bring out the child that still lives inside many adults; and we must admit, building them brings out the big kid in us!

Treehouses for adults

Treegarden can also design and build treehouses for adults… because why should kids have all the fun?? More sophisticated treehouses can even be used as an extension of the house.

Electricity, water, heating and other mod-cons can be integrated to create a guest room, or provide a warm, comfortable and quiet place to retreat to of an evening. Well-designed and well-finished treehouses can be utilised in any number of different ways.

Several things must be taken into consideration before a treehouse build can take place. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

Planning permission: Is planning permission required? This will depend upon the proposed height and location of the treehouse. The privacy of neighbours must be considered, and whether or not the treehouse is likely to impede views or block sunlight from adjacent gardens.

Tree specifications: The size, species and condition of the proposed tree must all be considered, along with a damage assessment. With ecology a major concern, Treegarden would never undertake any project that would negatively impact upon the health or lifespan of a tree.

Treehouse design: The height, size and weight of a proposed treehouse must be considered, along with the ease and safety of access to the tree. Are any utilities required? If so, what are the logistics of running water and/or power to the treehouse?

Safety: Last but most important: Treegarden would never compromise the safety of our clients, their friends and family, or our staff. Thorough safety assessments are carried out before commencement of any work, whilst ongoing annual safety checks will ensure the continued safety of your treehouse.

Ideas & inspiration for designing treehouses

If you’re in the process of planning a treehouse project and you’re looking for some inspiration, several excellent collections of photos and ideas have been curated on Pinterest. Below are a few of our favourites. Warning: entire hours have been known to vanish whilst browsing through these collections!

Cool Tree Houses by Dan330
Tree house Ideas by Hunter Hamilton
Tree houses by Jona Cuff
Tree house Ideas by Dream Yard

Treegarden can build your dream treehouse!

Whether you desire a comfortable, well-kitted-out extension of your home, or a fun, magical, safe place for your children to play, Treegarden have the know-how to build bespoke treehouses to your precise requirements. Check out our latest treehouse creation in Woodingdean, Brighton, and please contact us with your ideas… the more imaginative, the better!