Brighton Landscaping & Gardening Services

Treegarden offer landscaping & gardening services

Treegarden offer a complete range of landscaping and gardening services in Brighton, Sussex and the surrounding area. With over twenty years’ experience we are fully equipped for any job, no matter how big or small. Our most popular gardening services include:

  • Garden design and landscaping
  • Grass cutting and strimming
  • Hedge and bush cutting and shaping
  • Planting
  • Pruning
  • Fence installation, repair and replacement
  • Shed installation and removal
  • Garden clearance
  • Pergola design and installation
  • Patio design and installation
  • Raised flower bed design and installation

Quoting for gardening services

Before gardening services can be costed, a Treegarden representative must first conduct a brief site visit to assess a range of different factors, including ease of access to and from the site, safety considerations, and any additional difficulties. Site visits and quotations are always free of charge.

There are a number of questions to answer before even a simple garden maintenance job can be correctly priced. What is the total size of a lawn to be cut? What is the height and width of a hedge to be shaped? Where is the property located? Does it have on-street parking, or a driveway? How overgrown is the garden to be cleared? Is the garden easily accessible? These are the types of questions to ask before the commencement of any gardening services.

Please note: in cases where there is no side or back access to the garden, tools and garden waste may have to pass through the house itself.

Which gardening services to use and when

Winter – The best gardening services to use in winter are: cutting back, garden clearance, digging over, tree care, pruning and turfing. New lawns should by laid or sewn in late January. In addition, most gardeners tend to have less work during the winter period, so are more readily available to undertake structural repair and installation work for decking, fencing, sheds, furniture etc.

Spring – The regular use of gardens begins in the spring. Everything is growing fast, making this the best time to plant new colour and decoration into the flower beds. General maintenance begins on lawns, hedges, shrubs, and beds. The battle against weeds begins! The installation of new patios, plus any structural repairs that haven’t been completed during winter, are usually undertaken in spring in readiness for the summer months.

Summer – Summer is always the busiest time for gardeners. Regular management of borders and flower beds, hedges, shrubs, and lawns is necessary during the summer. If neglected, your garden will likely look overgrown and un-loved very quickly! Being the busiest season for gardeners, it can be hard to find quality gardening services available when you need them during the Summer months. Remember: Brightonians love their gardens!

Autumn – As the rain sets in, garden use becomes less regular, but there are still a variety of gardening services to consider in Autumn. Bulbs should be planted now, and plants can be transplanted. Bushes, shrubs and herbaceous perennials should all be cut now. This is also the best time for a final hedge cutting until the following spring.

Although it is perfectly natural for people to neglect their gardens during the colder, wetter season, Treegarden recommend that you spread the management and cost of gardening services across all four season. Roughly speaking, the seasonal spread of gardening services described above is a good template. However every garden is different and unique, and therefore a regime of work tailored to each individual garden is preferable.

For Brighton gardening services, contact Treegarden

Treegarden have been improving and maintaining Brighton’s gardens since 2008. If you are in need of general Brighton-based gardening services, or you have a specific project in mind, please contact us as we would love to hear from you. If you would like to know more about Treegarden, please see our About Us page, and please also check out the Our Work page to find articles and photo galleries depicting some of our recent gardening projects in Brighton.

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